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Experience Architect

Front-End Developer & UX Designer

Colton Almaraz

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Who I am

My name is Colton Almaraz and I am an Experience Architect with a focus on accessibility. Experience Architecture is designing and creating spaces for people through design and front-end development. It is understanding the users story, catering to that, then taking that story and crafting an accessible, enjoyable experience for them. These spaces can be anything and anywhere but Experience Architecture tends to focus on the digital. I specialize in communicating with clients, deciphering their needs, and using those needs to create an accessible, enjoyable experience for them through UX design and code. My design philosophy is that every experience should be accessible and enjoyable to anyone no matter who they are. Designing/coding something is more than code, it is creating a part of someone's life.

What I do

The experiences I create are a uniquely good mix of efficiency and accessibility. My work helps the user to navigate, enjoy, and want to return to the product. This, in turn, helps the client create a successful product that their user returns to and enjoys using. The experiences I create add something to the user's life. I care about the user having a good experience. I care about the user, the whole point of what I do is to make the user feel welcome and enjoy experiencing what I have created for them.

What I like

For fun I like to be active. Hiking, going to the gym, or even going on a simple walk with my dog are things I love doing. Anything that gets me outside and moving around is a good time for me. I really like playing tennis so when the weather is good enough I love going to the courts. Other than that I love anything sci-fi. Books, movies, or shows that have anything to do with space are interesting to me. I love everything futuristic.


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Michigan State University, East Lansing
Bachelor of Arts, Experience Architecture


BIGGBY Coffee | East Lansing
Frontend Developer

June 2020 - PRESENT

Professional Athletes Healthcare Advocates | | East Lansing
Software Developer and UX Designer

January 2020 - June 2020

  • Created programs to gather and store data on over 30,000 individuals using Python with Selenium and BeautifulSoup

  • Developed code to scrape data from sites as efficiently as possible using Python algorithms and a solid understanding of data data structures

  • Designed and consulted on site experience with a focus on ADA/WCAG accessibility compliance

Sherlockian | | East Lansing
Front End Developer and UX Designer

November 2019 - May 2020

  • Worked alongside a team of MSU professors and developers to create an accessible, user friendly database for all things related to Sherlock Holmes

  • Communicated with clients and team members across the country to develop their idea fully

  • Managed a database of hundreds of items and design an effective way to allow the user to search through their metadata and view them for Watson's Archive

  • Used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create accessible products and experiences

Freelance, East Lansing
Front-End Developer and UX Designer

October 2019 - PRESENT

  • Created eCommerce, portfolio, and database driven sites for a variety of clients in all levels of business

  • Communicated professionally with and worked to understand clients to develop their idea fully

  • Managed multiple projects concurrently working with different clients and prioritizing workflow

  • Used multiple CMS, design skills, Python, Vanilla Javascript, React.js, CSS, HTML to deploy interactive products

Design Skills

  • ADA & WCAG Compliance

  • Interaction Design

  • Information Architecture

  • User Interface Design

  • Usability Testing

  • Wireframing

  • Digital Prototyping

  • Iterative Design

  • Content Management

  • Content Design

  • Visual Design

  • Accessibility Evaluation

Technical Skills

  • Javascript

  • React

  • Vue

  • HTML5

  • Python

  • CSS3

  • Figma

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Photoshop

  • Sketch

  • MS Paint

  • Wordpress

  • Agile Methodology


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Near Earth Object React App

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Professional Model Portfolio Site

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Airbnb Accessibility Analysis



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